2 April 2016

March Catch Up

Lydiard CaniX
The first weekend in March saw us down at Lydiard Park for a 2 day CaniX event. A few course changes to the previous course, this one involving a rather slippery muddy section and some downhill steps. Always interesting when attached to dogs. 24:14 on day one, and 23:39 saw us take 1st place overall.

Mud & Mayhem 10k
The following weekend saw us partake in the Mud & Mayhem 10k, held locally in Stanton Downham in Thetford by Go Beyond Challenge. This is another event I took part in a couple years ago with Pip and Blaze, but this year they saw canicross entries soar to 50! They made it clear that they were still going ahead with a mass start, despite the fact it rather dangerously narrows off into single track pretty quickly. Their reasoning, was that it wasnt a race (despite the bowls and medals saying it was) and that it was purely for fun so didnt have any rules & regulations about kit, line length & number of dogs etc. For this reason I decided to just run Kyra, and was my first one dog canicross event. Ever! Whilst I have absolutely no worries about either of them around other dogs, its a bit trickier trying to maneuver two dogs in a confined space with lots of other dogs. My other worry with this non-monitored event was that there would be lots of first timers with inexperienced dogs and inappropriate kit. 

Despite being unseasonably warm Kyra ran beautifully. Its a two lap course with a few hills, and just before the second lap you cross the river. Despite stopping for a paddle so she could cool off, we managed to come home in 50 minutes. 

 Mad Dog Jog and a Half
On the 19th March we day tripped over to the Forest of Dean for the Mad Dog Jog and a Half, a purely canicross half marathon. It was run over the Forest of Dean half marathon course that was held on the following day. With Blaze still on restricted exercise, I decided to run Diesel and Kyra. They stormed round, completing 6 miles in 50:43, unfortunately Kyra decided she was a bit hot and started to run along the small ditches that ran along side the path. Just before mile 12 she started limping and kicking her feet up like she had stung her feet. We walked for a bit but it soon became apparent that it wasnt getting any better, and although I had pawz boots with me I wasnt confident enough that it wasnt something else, so we pulled out at mile 12 at a marshall point. Briar came in his truck and gave us a lift back to the start. Frustrating, but they always come first.

Pembrey CaniX - Easter
Usually over the Easter weekend CaniX hold a 4 day canicross event, starting with a nightrun (the best bit), ending with a 2 mile beach run and having 2 days competing over 5k in the middle. I was super excited about this, as the friday was my birthday. Unfortunately, due to running the Biathlon they decided not to put on the nightrace this year, and I am still sulking! We were very lucky with the weather given the forecast, albeit a bit windy. Kyra and Pip managed a 3rd place overall at the weekend, and Blaze & Kyra 2nd place on the beach run.

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