23 February 2016

Sence Valley CaniX

The Sence Valley course is a fairly fast and furious course; lots of fairly wide hard packed/stoney paths, a couple more narrow muddy but unfortunately generally a fair few members of public who seem to think they dont need to keep their dogs under control (I've deleted a very waffly rant that this turned into lol. I dont care how friendly YOUR dog is, and if your dog isnt friendly it certainly shouldn't be off lead approaching everyone elses...see here I go again!!..).

When I got Blaze out to walk him before the race he didnt seem right on his front right leg, this meant some quick thinking on my part; I didnt want to run Pippa with that much hard ground for 2 days, yet I know D likes his space.

I decided to run D on Saturday, I muzzled him and necklined him to Kyra, ensuring we over took and got overtaken on Kyras side. We were near the end of the start list so we started near the back anyway. He put a lot of trust into me and soon relaxed nicely, happily passing other dogs. The only dog he didnt like was a reactive saluki, and we did move off the path out the way to let them pass.

Sunday was Pips turn; Team Little n Large. She had so much fun and put her heart and soul into that first uphill trying to race Kyra to the top. Kyra honoured Blaze by sploshing in every puddle but to be fair it was rather warm compared to what it has been. We had a lovely run next to the reactive saluki with all 3 running side by side. I love how bomb proof Pippa is. He was lovely and relaxed next to her.

21:23.48 for day one, and 21:00.9 for day 2, earning us 2nd place overall. I definitely missed my ginger pulling power - its quite clear who is the consistent puller out of Kyra and Blaze!! That said, it was great to be running my little beagle terriest again.

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