1 February 2016


New Years Cannock CaniX 

The start of the year saw us see in the year with a 3 day CaniX event starting on New Years Day over at Cannock Chase. The New Years Day run was a run with a difference. They called it CaniX Extra and it featured 5 or so check points scattered about the regular course, and we had to stop and stamp our bibs at each check point. Although you could run the course as normal, following the course markers, you could also take-you-own-line between check-points, and they handed us each a map 10 minutes before the start. It actually turned out to be great fun. I got lost, fell over, missed a check point and had to turn back, but some how managed to win our category, albeit just.

Unfortunately, my van decided not to play so I ended up missing Saturdays race and taking a very long and slow journey home on the back of a flatbed. However, I returned for Sunday with Blaze and Kyra and despite falling over another two times, we managed to bag another win. Just a shame it didnt count in the placings as we'd missed Saturdays event. It was the muddiest and slippiest I've seen Cannock and Kyra definitely wasn't listening to "steady"!

Fidos Forest Frenzy - Thetford  

This was a new 5 and 10k event held by Kings Forest Canicross, and just an hour from home. We were entered into the 10k. Bizarrely it was a rather warm, especially considering just 7 days previously we were running in the snow and ice around High Lodge just up the road. The course was 2 loops of fairly wide track & mainly flat. Kyra got a bit warm, but she and Blaze flew round in an impressive 47 minutes, and we came 2nd. A new 10k canicross PB for me!

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