8 February 2016

Caythorpe Dash Half Marathon

I did this Half Marathon a couple years ago with Pippa and Blaze, and this year returned with Blaze and Kyra. I remember it being hilly and muddy, and I remember The Styles. Selectively I didnt remember quite how many, but I did remember getting quite grumpy as I ran my two on a split line which made getting them over the styles additionally tricky. I used separate lines this year!

I actually rather enjoyed this run. Its lovely for about 10 miles, and my two were storming round. We did the first 6 miles in 49:25 and 9 miles in 1:17. At around mile 10, theres a huge big muddy slippery hill thats impossible to actually run up, followed by NINE (yes, nine!!) stiles over the next 3 miles. Not only did I have 13kg of Blaze to lift over each style, I also had 24.5kg of husky as Kyra refused point blank to jump over any of these ones. To make matters worse, as soon as her paws hit the ground on the other side she wanted to get running again, so I generally clung on, hoping each style wasnt rotten, as I tried my best to get myself over in one piece (I think we need to go on a style hunt and do some training!). I did manage to fling myself in a bramble bush on one rather steep and muddy downhill section.

We finished 2:11:27 which wasnt too bad going considering the NINE styles, and the congested start. And after some of my other recent non dog runs, this actually didnt feel too hilly for me either.

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